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Review : NYX Slim Lip Pencils

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The first NYX lip pencil I owned was in Natural. I purchased it when I was in high school during a time when nude lips were the big trend. Matte nude shades tended to look like concealer on my lips to the little lip pencil was a lifesaver. After that I forgot about NYX products for a while I started working and making my own money so I found myself spending on high-end brands. After my shopaholic phase I realized that maybe there could be a compromise when it came to price and quality. I owned a couple of MAC lip pencils and even though they worked great it I wasn’t willing to spend $30 dollars every time is bought a lipstick and a corresponding lip liner. While lusting over two particular Mac lip liner shades (nightmoth and stone); I visited a small beauty supply store which had a variety of NYX products including about 40 different liners. I was able to pick up Cola and Taupe, almost perfect dupes for Nightmoth and Stone. Cola is a very dark burgundy color, while taupe is a beautiful grayish nude. NYX lip pencils are smooth enough to apply easily but also waxy enough to get a neat crisp application. Most places have them for about $3. They are available in almost every color imaginable. The main differences I notice between Mac and NYX is their blendability. Mac’s pencils are typically creamier and easier to blend while NYX tends to be somewhat waxier. However I noticed it was easier to create cleaner lines with the NYX pencil. NYX is a great alternative to Mac not only due to their price but also because of the variety of shades available. Have you guys tried NYX lip pencils? Tell us what you think below.


Grubs : Queens Town Public House Little Italy , San Diego.


As San Diegans , We are fortunate enough to live in a diverse place that constantly introduces different dining options. Recently  we discovered this lovely and laid back restaurant located in Little Italy , San Diego .  Queens Town differs from other restaurants because of their innovative interior design and rich history. Today,  Ana and I enjoyed the 72 degree weather by sitting out in the porch of the restaurant with shandies and sweet potato fries .  


- Michelle (:



Product Review : The Body Shop Banana Shampoo & Conditioner Review

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We all have our staple products when it comes to shampoo and conditioner but with all the products out in the market , it is difficult to find what works best for us .  I recently decided it was time to take care of my hair so i visited my hairstylist for a cut and hair  consultation . She mentioned that the cause of my unruly , course and dry hair were the products I was using . I shopped around ULTA for an “organic” shampoo then found myself worried about the prices of “healthy” shampoos. Also, I found myself overwhelmed by all the choices available. In the end , I was unsuccessful . I made a trip to The Body Shop and picked up their Banana Shampoo & Conditioner these products promises to clean hair and leave a healthy shiny finish.  The product retails for $8 and is available online through the The Body Shop. However they are known for having great sales so the cost could be less. My hair is about mid length and fairly thick so I would normally run out of the shampoo first before the conditioner and these 250ml bottles would normally last me 4-6 weeks washing my hair every 2 days.  After the first use , I did not like the minimal amount of lather throughout my hair.  For those who are accustomed to the the lather and squeaky clean aftermath of shampoos, it might take awhile to commit to these products. Both shampoo and conditioner have honey and banana puree so when first applied to the hair it really does smell like bananas, but the scent does not stay on the hair. Overall i give these products 2 thumbs up. I get numerous compliments. I’ve never seen my hair be so silky , shiny and smooth. Also, my hair appears to have grown more rapidly during my 2 months of use.

Michelle (:

Product Review : NYX HD Eyeshadow Base

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Recently Nyx has made their products available at local Target stores, while doing some routine shopping for toiletries and such I decided to pick up this primer. Nyx is a brand known for their dupe-like qualities. I personally am obsessed with their lip liners. Most high end brands offer primers that cost around $20 (USD). So when Nyx offered their product at $6.99 I was more than eager to try it. I am personally a big fan of UD Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Both the UD Primer Potion and TF Shadow Insurance surpass this product as far as packaging goes. I personally am not crazy about the lip gloss-style packaging because it doesn’t allow one to get full use of the product and also because it can be a little unsanitary. That being said I tested out this product the very next day with very high hopes. I applied it and let it dry, since its color is lighter than my skin tone I did notice it made eye shadows pop and the shadows blended nicely. After that it all went downhill. Within a few hours new eyelids looked smudged and there was creasing. Would I purchase this product again? Probably not. The product did not meet my expectations, I expected my eyeshadow to look decent by the end of the day. As I stated before Nyx has great products but for me personally this one did not work out.



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